Meet Dr. Jen Barna — Practicing Radiologist & Founder of Physician Coaching & Burnout Prevention Company, DocWorking

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What started out as a mission to Prevent Physician Burnout has grown into a mission to Prevent Burnout in Healthcare.  Please check out this article by Billie Wickstrom at Locumpedia, about our founder and CEO, Dr. Jen Barna, and the mission of DocWorking to normalize physician coaching, and help doctors, APPs, nurses, and the whole care team live their best lives.

“Embedded in medical education is a culture that teaches doctors-in-training to prioritize caring for patients over meeting their own personal needs. Physicians’ families are affected and this often goes unrecognized,” she says.

“The physicians themselves are lowest on their own priority lists, which is counterintuitive since it’s imperative that they care for themselves in order to help others. This culture prevails during residency and fellowship so that by the time a physician is practicing post-training, self-neglect is often ingrained in their way of thinking. This can lead to burnout, which is pervasive now, but is nothing new to the healthcare community.”

…“So we designed programs around what our experienced team of coaches has seen work for physicians: solutions that maximize benefits using minimal time. Executives, actors, and athletes have used coaching to great benefit. Physicians and other healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to helping others deserve this same level of support,” Dr. Barna says.

“At DocWorking, we help them gain the vision and tools to identify what they want to achieve and move toward that with focus and intention. If they need help navigating out of burnout, we’re here for that; and we can help them reach their goals beyond it,” she notes.

“Physicians are longing for relief from the overwork, overwhelm, and lack of time that fan the flames of physician burnout. These tools–along with ongoing access to trusted thinking partners in our coaching and peer communities–are designed to prevent burnout.”

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Meet Dr. Jen Barna — Practicing Radiologist & Founder of Physician Coaching & Burnout Prevention Company, DocWorking

By Billie Wickstrom, April 25, 2022


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