It’s Time to Prioritize

the Health and Wellness

of Physicians

DocWorking empowers physicians to get back on the

path to achieving their dreams.

Doctors devote their lives to caring for others. But does that mean they must sacrifice their own health and wellbeing?

At DocWorking, we understand the tug between life and medicine–a desire to make an impact through your specialized skills but a longing for more time to prioritize your own dreams and ambitions.

We understand because we are physicians too.

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Jen Barna, MD, 

DocWorking Founder and CEO

I’m Dr. Jen Barna, a board-certified, practicing radiologist since 2006, and founder of DocWorking.

I’m also an entrepreneur who is driven to amplify the conversation about physician health and to deliver support that works. 

I know firsthand how limited our time is to take good care of ourselves. I also know it can be transformational to carve out space to step back and see things from a different perspective.

That’s why I created DocWorking.

Here to Catalyze Your Success

DocWorking started small, addressing the need for physician wellness coaching throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. What we found is the need is great while physician-focused solutions are few.

Physicians are longing for relief from the overwork, overwhelm, and lack of time that are fanning the flames of Physician Burnout.

Our lead coaches, Gabriella Dennery MD and Jill Farmer, have been coaching physicians for years. They bring a depth of experience and insight, and know what works best to help physicians with the multitude of issues that we face. Our entire team of coaches specializes in working with doctors. We are here to help individual physicians as well as healthcare organizations to provide much needed physician coaching support. You can get to know the DocWorking team with:

Coming Soon!

  • Physician-Focused Virtual Courses available on your schedule

    Stress & time management, leadership, financial independence, and acquiring non-clinical skills are among the topics our upcoming bite-sized learning modules are designed to address, so you can learn at your pace and on your schedule. Courses will be announced soon!

    Physicians are smart. We are dedicated. And we are resourceful. We make decisions every day about how to prioritize our time, energy, and money.

    But we can do better! Not by working harder but by working smarter, learning from experts who are trained in strategies that make life easier and who are experienced in working with physicians to help us achieve our dreams.

    Professional coaching can be transformational. While the healthcare industry has been slow to embrace it, others such as professional sports, arts & entertainment, and leading corporations have been investing in coaching for decades – and they have the data to back their success.

    I believe physicians deserve that edge to push past barriers and achieve the life of our dreams! That is why DocWorking specializes in physician coaching. We are here to help you chart your course forward with clarity and confidence.

    We are here to catalyze your success! 

    Jen Barna, MD

    DocWorking Supports Medical Organizations

    That Serve a Higher Cause

    We are immensely grateful to share a portion of our profits with:

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

    St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening illness.

    Hogar San Francisco de Asis (Villa La Paz Foundation)

    Listen Here to our interview with Dr. Anthony Lazzara, a pediatrician who left his academic position at Emory University in 1983 to begin an apostolate in Peru, bringing medical care to children with serious medical problems.

    Doctors Without Borders

    An independent, global movement providing lifesaving, humanitarian medical aid where it’s needed most.

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    By Coaches Gabriella Dennery MD and Jill Farmer
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