Coaching physicians and other healthcare professionals to achieve the best in life and medicine.

DocWorking is the go-to life coaching and
burnout prevention company for
healthcare professionals and organizations.

Our coaches have been teaching physicians and other clinicians how to maximize meaning and purpose in life and at work using minimal time, for more than a decade.

Our simple and unique method has improved the lives of countless physicians and other clients.

We know what works.

✓ Overcome Obstacles

✓ Improve Work-Life Balance

Catalyze Growth

✓ Overcome Obstacles

✓ Improve Work-Life Balance

Catalyze Growth

Physician Coaching and Burnout Prevention

Our Unique Solution is the Way to
Embrace Life AND Medicine:
DocWorking THRIVE​

We understand the tug between your personal life and your demanding career– a desire to make an impact through your specialized skills but a longing for more time to prioritize your own dreams and ambitions.​

Our exclusive DocWorking THRIVE coaching programs provide: ​

  • An affordable personalized approach to guide each member of the healthcare team to design a life based around what they value most
  • Protect and strengthen resilience
  • Retrain the brain to deal with stress, manage time and protect resilience.
“What you do for doctors is life changing.” Physician, Ontario, Canada

“What you do for doctors is life changing.” Physician, Ontario, Canada

“My expectation was to leave medicine, but now I’m realizing that is not what I want to do. Through THRIVE, I’m finding that there’s a way to integrate what matters to me in my personal life with being a doctor, which is an important part of who I am.” Physician, Massachusetts

“Jill’s coaching has really helped me through some challenging times in my work and in my life. Every session with Jill moves me forward. When I’m feeling stuck, I know her practical wisdom, delivered directly (but always with kindness and humor) is really going to help.” KPM, MD

“Working with Jill can be invaluable when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Everyone can use a trusted thinking partner, at times, and Jill is one of the best.  Jill has made a huge difference in my life. I highly recommend working with her.” A.G. MD Professor, Physician, Researcher

“I love the 1 minute tips. Sometimes, I listen to them multiple times. They have really helped me.” Physician, THRIVE Member

“The more I’ve embraced the idea that I don’t have to be superhuman, the better I feel. THRIVE and the coaching there have been really great.” Physician, THRIVE Member 

“It would be really good if every doctor had this.” Physician, THRIVE Member

“It’s so much better to have this support outside of my place of work.” Physician, New York 

“Gabriella knows first hand the struggles, triumphs, and challenges a career in medicine takes us through, and has supported me countless times to navigate them with gentleness and grace. I am grateful for her.” Kisha Hartwick, MD, OMC

“Working with Jill has been great to help me get focused on the specific ways I want to make a difference in the world and become a leader. Her coaching has helped me take some important and meaningful steps.” Lilit Garibyan MD, PhD, Dermatologist

“The coaches are so good at what they do. They really understand what we’re going through.”  Physician, THRIVE Member

““The quotes and coaching tips shared in the forum are really great I always feel better when I read them—gives me a 360 view and helps me step back. It grounds me.”  Physician, THRIVE Member

Our experts have coached hundreds of physicians to successfully:

improve work-life balance | reach a personal goal | become a physician leader | take better care of themselves | set boundaries | make a career shift | negotiate a favorable contract | achieve financial independence | launch a side business | learn a nonclinical career skill

Easiest & Simplest Way to Gain Needed Tools
to Manage Stress and Prevent Burnout
Throughout Your Life and Career

Be The Master of Your Own Destiny

It’s time to start living the life you imagined.

Professional coaching can get you there faster—as any elite athlete, award-winning actor or top-performing executive can attest. DocWorking provides coaching, courses, and resources designed specifically for physicians, with timely content, easy access, and transformational results that keep you progressing toward your dream.

For Medical Organizations:

Did You Know Top-Performing Medical Organizations Invest in Professional Coaching for Their Physicians?

Supporting physicians and the whole care team can lead to better patient outcomes.

Our team works with physicians from

a growing list of healthcare organizations.

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and Courses

Save Money Now:

Refinance Your Student Loan Debt

Ace the Boards

and Max Your CME

Take Back Your Time:

Get a Virtual Assistant

Build a Better Practice:

Add Advanced

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Financial Independence
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Protect Yourself
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Boost Your

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Medical Billing and

Practice Management

Write a Book that will

Stand Out and Sell

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Get to know us at DocWorking:

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