“I think if any of these symptoms start showing up you may say, ‘Jill, should I start paying attention?’ Yeah, I think so. I think it’s time to pay attention. It doesn’t mean you need to panic. It’s just, let’s pay a little attention to this and see if we can turn the direction of our ship so to speak.” -Master Certified Coach Jill Farmer
Physician burnout. It’s a hot topic lately and for good reason. Maybe you’ve experienced burnout, or maybe you know a colleague or another clinician who is dealing with it. Perhaps you’re sensing impending burnout and want to know how to avoid it happening to you. You’ve come to the right place! In this episode, Master Certified DocWorking Coach Jill Farmer discusses the three main signs of provider burnout to help you identify it in yourself or a colleague and then she tells us proactive steps we can take to counter burnout. If you are a busy medical professional, you definitely want to tune in to this episode! 
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