Prioritizing Self-Care in Healthcare and Preventing Physician Burnout

by Coach Jill Farmer and Jen Barna MD | Burnout Prevention, Physician Burnout, Work Life Balance

Self-Care in Healthcare leads to Preventing Physician Burnout.

When Physicians, APPs, Nurses, Techs and other Healthcare Professionals prioritize their own wellness, the side effect is that they can live their best lives, THRIVE and enjoy Burnout Prevention.

We hope you’ll enjoy our recent article on Prioritizing Self-Care in Healthcare and preventing physician burnout, published on the BoardVitals blog. What would happen if you began to think of prioritizing yourself with the same level of importance that you would want someone you love to prioritize their own self care?  If you were in a conversation with someone you love who asked you whether it’s ok to neglect their sleep, neglect their own nutrition, not make time for exercise, or put themselves in a situation of chronic overwork, what would you say? Now, imagine that person is yourself…

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Prioritizing Self-Care in Healthcare 

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Burnout Prevention with Self Care

Jill Farmer is an experienced physician coach who has been helping doctors live their best lives, increase their success, and move through burnout for well over a decade.

She has delivered keynotes, programs, and training everywhere from Harvard Medical School to the American College of Cardiology.

She has personally coached hundreds of physicians, surgeons, and other busy professionals to help them be at their best—without burning themselves out. Her coaching has supported professionals at places like Mass General Brigham in Boston, Washington University in St. Louis, Northwestern University in Chicago and too many others to list.

Jill wrote the book on time management for busy people. Literally. It’s called “There’s Not Enough Time…and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves” which debuted as a bestseller on Amazon. Her work has been featured everywhere from Inc. to Fitness Magazine to The Washington Post.

Nationally recognized as a “brilliant time optimizer and life maximizer,” Jill will cut straight to the heart of your stress to liberate you from its shackles. She has two young adult daughters. She lives with her husband and their poorly behaved dachshund in St. Louis, MO.

Board-certified practicing radiologist, founder and CEO of DocWorking, and host of top ranked DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast

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