Prioritizing Self-Care in Healthcare and Preventing Physician Burnout

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Self-Care in Healthcare leads to Preventing Physician Burnout.

When Physicians, APPs, Nurses, Techs and other Healthcare Professionals prioritize their own wellness, the side effect is that they can live their best lives, THRIVE and enjoy Burnout Prevention.

We hope you’ll enjoy our recent article on Prioritizing Self-Care in Healthcare and preventing physician burnout, published on the BoardVitals blog. What would happen if you began to think of prioritizing yourself with the same level of importance that you would want someone you love to prioritize their own self care?  If you were in a conversation with someone you love who asked you whether it’s ok to neglect their sleep, neglect their own nutrition, not make time for exercise, or put themselves in a situation of chronic overwork, what would you say? Now, imagine that person is yourself…

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Prioritizing Self-Care in Healthcare 

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