How to Process Stress and Alleviate Pain and Other Symptoms with Stephanie Shaw

by Jen Barna MD | Physician Coaching, Physician Wellness, Podcast, Wellness

This is a powerful story of unrecognized stress, physical repercussions, and resolution.

“If you don’t get the stress under control, it’s like, you may as well have eaten the chocolate cake, because stress has a huge impact on our bodies.”

-Coach Stephanie Shaw

How do you process stress so that it doesn’t come out sideways and manifest as physical symptoms? In this episode we welcome Coach Stephanie Shaw, nutritional expert and host of Hello Hotflash Podcast. In this episode, Stephanie and Jen discuss Stephanie’s experience of completely eliminating multiple physical symptoms, including nerve pain and paresthesias that were immobilizing her every day and preventing her from living fully. Stephanie describes the process she went through to be able to fully take back her life and good health, and how she now helps others to do the same. She describes initially figuring out that she needed a nutrition plan specific to her body, and then the lifting of the physical pain with a successful method of processing emotions and stress, that ultimately led to completely alleviating her symptoms.

Listen to the story of how Stephanie figured out how to get her life back, even after multiple physicians and other healthcare providers were unable to help her. Hear Stephanie’s specific nutrition tips that can impact how you function and feel every day, and the techniques to overcome and process stress, so that stress doesn’t show up as physical symptoms in your body. This is a powerful episode that you won’t want to miss, with insights to help yourself, your family and your patients!

Stephanie Shaw is a health & wellness speaker, course creator and host of the podcast Hello, Hot Flash .

An educator by nature, Stephanie took the strategies she implemented to recover from a two-year illness and turned them into a nutrition coaching and online education business where she teaches executive midlife women how to manage their weight, sleep better, have more energy, and slow the aging process.

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Stephanie Shaw’s online course, Mastering Menopause , supports midlife females by helping them peel back the layers that are blocking them, so they can control the change. As a result, women build lasting lifestyles of confidence, energy, and a body they deserve.

You can find out more about the podcast and the course at . You can get free health resources at .





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Switch On Your Brain – Dr. Caroline Leaf – I send this book to my new clients. Dr. Leaf has a way of helping you understand the power you have over your own happiness. Using science and scripture, she helps you understand how the brain works.

The Emotion Code – Dr. Bradley Nelson – Have you ever been told it’s all in your head? While that may strike us as offensive, I’d ask you to pause and think – what if past trauma or anxious thoughts are causing your disease, and what if you were able to release the trauma and or thoughts, thereby getting rid of the disease? Dr. Nelson helps us uncover how we store emotional experiences and how to release them.

The Body Keeps Score – Dr. Bessel A. van der Kolk – Initially the stories in this book are heavy, but trauma is heavy. This book is for anyone who has had their lives uprooted by traumatic stress. Dr. van der Kolk uses research to show how trauma reshapes the brain. In the book, you will uncover some innovative solutions.

Here is a link to the recipe mentioned during the podcast:

4-Ingredient Easy Vegan Brownies


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