Marriage Survival Guide for Doctors and Medical Students: Tips from Dr. Dave and Ashley Gay

by Jen Barna MD | Character Strengths, Life Journey, Physician communcation, Podcast, Relationship, Work Life Balance, Work Life Integration

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In this episode, Dr. Barna welcomes Ashley and Dr. David Gay, hosts of On Call with Dr. Dave, a podcast where healthcare professionals share inspiring, humorous, shocking, and heartwarming stories. Ashley and Dave discuss their experience navigating medical training and how it took their relationship to the brink, and they share what steps they took to save their marriage.

The conversation starts with Ashley highlighting the often-overlooked impact of home life on a healthcare professional’s ability to show up, perform, and provide care to patients. Ashley and Dr. Dave share their personal journey, starting from their early days as a couple through medical training. They discuss the challenges they faced, such as multiple moves, financial stressors, and the lack of control over the medical training process. They also discuss ways to address those challenges.

The guests open up about their struggles with fertility and the adoption process, expressing gratitude for the opportunities and blessings that emerged from those difficult times.

In retrospect, Dr. Dave Gay acknowledges that he would have done things differently, including better communication and advocating for protected time with family. Ashley Gay shares her personal experience of feeling undervalued and urges listeners to advocate for themselves and prioritize their mental health and relationships.

Listeners are invited to share their own experiences and insights, highlighting the importance of fostering connections and open communication within the medical community.

Dr. Dave Gay is an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, and Ashley Gay owns a Marketing Agency. They reside in Austin, Texas.

Instagram: @oncallwithdrdave

FB: On-Call with Dr. Dave

Key themes: medical training, relationships outside of work, community support, time management, work-life balance, work-life integration, advocacy, parenting, fertility struggles, adoption, resilience.

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