222: Top Tips for Real Estate Investing from Dermatopathologist Dr. Lydia Essary

by Jen Barna MD | Financial Independence, FIORE and FIRE, Life Journey, Physician Side Gig, Podcast

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“If you want to be successful, whether as a passive investor or active, you need to understand the business a little bit.”

-Dr. Lydia Essary 


In this episode we welcome practicing dermatopathologist and co-founder of Lift Equity Invest, Dr. Lydia Essary. In this episode, Dr. Lydia Essary and Dr. Jen Barna discuss apartment and multifamily real estate investments and the tips and tricks on how to get started. Dr. Essary talks about how she began investing in multifamily properties and gives advice on the importance of education and mentorship when contemplating different investment opportunities. Dr. Essary also gives us the top criteria to look for when choosing investment properties.


Lydia is a practicing physician dermatopathologist in Dallas, TX. She is also co-founder and principal at Lift Equity Invest, a company focused on helping busy physicians build passive income and generational wealth through apartment investing. Dr.Essary has invested in multifamily real estate syndications since 2019 as both a general partner in 713 units and a limited partner in over 4300 units. 


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