Neuroplasticity: How You Can Impact Your Overall Health by Controlling Your Thoughts with Dr. Philippe Douyon

by Jen Barna MD | Burnout Prevention, Life Journey, Physician Wellness, Podcast, Programs, Resilience, Wellness

“That’s the thing, when people start to approach their life in different ways, they start to see just how their life can change.” -Philippe Douyon MD

For Episode 218, we are doing a replay of a great conversation between Coach Gabriella Dennery MD and neurologist Dr. Philippe Douyon. 

Dr. Douyon is a highly respected author, runs the Inle Brainfit Institute, and is a huge proponent of controlling brain health in order to support your overall health. Dr. Gabriella Dennery and Dr. Douyon speak about his personal journey, coping with renal failure that began as a young man, through college and medical school, and through two renal transplants, one of which was just recently. They speak about how chronic illness does not define us, how the inner workings of the brain affect our health and well-being, and how our thoughts are the one thing in this world that we can control. Tune in to hear how some simple changes can change the path you’re on, and get you on the path you envision for yourself! 

Dr. Douyon is a board certified neurologist. He completed his residency at New York University and did his fellowship at New York Presbyterian-Cornell Medical in clinical neurophysiology. 

You can find Dr. Douyon on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or at his website, You can also email him at [email protected]

Neuroplasticity: Your Brain’s Superpower: Change Your Brain and Change Your Life by Dr. Philippe Douyon


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