Physician Nonclinical Career Advice You Can Put to Use Today with Dr. John Jurica

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Enjoy this episode with Dr. John Jurica all about physician nonclinical career advice that you can put to use today!


“You’ve got to become an expert on what non-traditional, nonclinical jobs are out there and then you can start narrowing it down.” -Dr. John Jurica

Dr. John Jurica is an expert in nonclinical jobs and side gigs for physicians and other healthcare professionals. In today’s episode, DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast is thrilled to welcome Dr. John Jurica back (click here for our previous episode with Dr. Jurica). 

In today’s episode, Dr. Jurica discusses common nonclinical jobs as well as some less common nonclinical jobs that you may not have heard about. He also shares information about what training or certification you may or may not need to enter one of these fields, as well as what type of roles you should be seeking in your clinical work starting today, in order to position yourself for a successful transition into nonclinical work in the future. You will also hear about healthcare entrepreneurship, and if you’re a physician entrepreneur, or other medical professional entrepreneur, how a mastermind group could be the greatest asset you aren’t yet using. If you are interested in nonclinical work, this episode is full of information, resources and advice to get you where you want to go. 

Dr. John Jurica is a family physician who began doing nonclinical side jobs early in his career. He started as a part time physician advisor and medical director, and subsequently worked as a hospital Chief Medical Officer for 14 years.

He left his CMO position to partner in an urgent care start-up in 2014, where he continues to serve as co-owner and medical director. 

In 2017, Dr. Jurica started producing the weekly Physician Nonclinical Careers Podcast, where he presents interviews with physicians in unconventional careers and experts in physician career transition. 

In 2018, he created the Nonclinical Career Academy (, an online educational platform. 

Dr. Jurica and Dr. Tom Davis launched NewScript in 2020, an online community of healthcare professionals, career transition mentors, and wellness specialists helping each other live a better life. It is a private, uncensored, and ad-free space that incorporates a forum, daily posts, mentorship programs, online courses, and livestream events. It can be found at

Dr. John Jurica social media:


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