Why DocWorking is offering Coding classes for your kids

by Jen Barna MD | For Your Kids, Work Life Balance

DocWorking brings coding classes to kids in an exciting interactive fun learning format!

DocWorking wants to help parents achieve the best of work and home by offering an exciting new learning opportunity for your kids that brings virtual learning of STEM Coding to a whole new level.

To achieve this goal, DocWorking has teamed up with Why Science® to launch a virtual STEM program aimed to help kids in grades 1-8 explore the world of coding.

The virtual Coding For Life program is currently registering for its next start date of January 4. Kids with or without coding experience are invited to learn to create games with coding, a fun, and creative experience. Kids attending the weekly coding sessions will learn how to apply the fundamental elements of coding to create games and apps that are fun for them and their friends and can help others.

STEM education has many important benefits, whether or not your child is interested in science or math:

  • It promotes critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and questioning, which are considered within the scope of 21st-century skills.
  • Research shows that a higher income is generated by STEM degree holders, even in non-STEM careers.
  • The 21st-century skills developed place your child in an excellent position for the future achievement of their goals in any field.

Our exciting virtual Coding for Life program will engage your child at his or her grade level with hands-on learning, games, and interactive computer simulations that bring fun and creativity to a long-term understanding of STEM principles. This enrichment program is designed to supplement your child’s public or private education.

By teaming up with Why Science®, our hope is to bring peace of mind to frontline healthcare and essential workers that their kids, the future innovators of our world, are having fun while learning at home.

Register your child/children below today! your-kids/


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