Empowering Physicians to Achieve Balance Between Life and Medicine

by Jen Barna MD | Work Life Balance

Empowering Physicians to Achieve Balance Between Life and Medicine

Ever seen someone juggle while riding a unicycle down the road? Everyone juggles.

But, physicians are experts at juggling, and not in a whimsical way. Especially in a culture of multitasking and working long hours, and now with the coronavirus pandemic- the balancing act can become overwhelming.

DocWorking was created in response to my experiences as a medical student, resident, and practicing physician, balancing the serious scope of medical practice with parenting and having a life outside of medicine. That balancing act is different for each of us, but if one learns from the experiences of others, the road does not have to be uphill both ways.

DocWorking is a community where we can learn from each other in order to be the best version of ourselves, the version that preserves oneself.

As on the airplane when they instruct you to “Put the mask on yourself first,” it is vitally important that we each ensure our own well-being in order that we can help the most people.

In order to enable doctors to achieve this, DocWorking is bringing top-notch life coaches, career coaches, and nonclinical courses designed for physicians, all onto one platform.

With our experienced coaches, you can gain valuable insights and improve your life right now. With our Nonclinical Careers courses coming soon, you can look forward to gaining nonclinical skills with interactive training on a cutting-edge platform, giving you the option to build a side job or change careers altogether.

Our goal is to help you create your own unique path, by encouraging you to realize the scope of options available to you if you think outside the box.

In addition to bringing coaching and other programs to physicians, we begin by offering a fun learning opportunity to your kids. We are partnering with world-renowned Why Science to provide an engaging interactive Coding program to encourage STEM learning, in hopes of giving physicians and essential workers some peace of mind that their kids are making the best of time at home. With this, we hope to contribute to the next generation of doctors, scientists, and creative thinkers.


At, our mission is to empower physicians to create a balance between life and medicine. We invite you to share your ride with us, your new community at

Board-certified practicing radiologist, founder and CEO ofDocWorking, and host of top rankedDocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast

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