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David McCary, CFP, MBA, CPWA, CRI is a wealthcare professional who, like his fellow healthcare professionals and clients, tries to “do no harm”. Coming from a somewhat wealthy family, the Anheuser family of Budweiser Beer, unlike most advisors, Dave has honed his wealth management skills over his entire adult life. Many of his lessons learned have been with his own family’s money. He therefore brings a deep 45+ years of clinical wealthcare experience to each of his doctor client relationships. He focuses closely on his client’s needs acting as their CFO and CIO to their CEO role. And to ensure he stays well engaged with his doctor clients, his practice admits no more than 12 clients at a time, compared to most other advisors with 100 to 150+ clients. Dave gives his doctor clients a truly unique concierge-style wealth management experience. And he does it under a fee-only fiduciary business model, the model that only 1% of advisors use even though it’s the best client-first model.

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  "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein Physician Burnout - Praying for a one-step solution is human nature and a trap! One of the key features of physician burnout is a desire to run away, escape, make the pain...

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