88: How to Manage Your Internet Reviews with Avalon Hartman

by Jen Barna MD | Podcast, Programs

“You really do make a judgment on a person, on their practice based on their online reviews. Whether that’s right or wrong, it is how the world is working these days.” -Avalon Hartman

In this episode, we hear from Avalon Hartman of EmpathIQ about reputation management. In this case, by reputation management, we mean online reviews. I think we all know how big of an impact reviews play in our lives. How many times have you not gone to a restaurant because of poor reviews? Or not bought a product you were interested in due to it’s reviews? Or, more relevant to us, how many times have you chosen or not chosen a doctor based upon reviews or lack thereof? Well in this episode, Jen talks to Avalon to find out how physicians can get out in front of the review game to make sure they are accurately represented online and Avalon shines a light on the tools available to make reviews work for you instead of against you. 

Avalon Hartman has a degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego.  She’s helped clients with their branding and marketing programs in the publishing industry and also in the Trade Show arena. March of 2020 saw an unexpected worldwide shutdown of the tradeshow industry so she began working at EmpathIQ in the somewhat newer field of Reputation Management.  While not at work you can find her hiking some of San Diego’s beautiful trails and also enjoying sunset yoga on the beach. 

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