5 Everyday Tasks Physicians Should Be Outsourcing

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Working in the medical field is challenging. It’s critical to be wise in juggling your time and energy to survive shifts and finish your duties. Are you wondering what tasks physicians should be outsourcing?

Physicians and healthcare workers are accustomed to performing many tasks in a short period during their busy shifts. This can be exhausting, leaving little energy for the many tasks that await you when you get home. 

But what if we tell you that times have changed and there are now many ways available you can use to get your time back and achieve financial independence? One of these ways is through outsourcing. 

Outsourcing is widely used by entrepreneurs, working professionals, and even physicians across the globe. They make a conscious decision to keep efficiency within their reach. If you want to know more about outsourcing and working smart as a medical professional, this article is made for you. 

Outsourcing can help you to have more time for the things you want to do outside of work, and can move you toward achieving financial freedom!

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or VA is someone who works remotely and can fulfill a variety of tasks for you. They function as a traditional assistant, but since they work remotely, the cost can be  cheaper. VAs are hired by working professionals to improve time management by allowing outsourcing of many tasks that eat up your spare time. Outsourcing these time-sucking tasks can give a new sense of freedom to the exhausted health care provider, allowing some down time to enjoy during time away from work. Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant can also be extremely helpful during times of intense studying, such as during board preparation.

VAs bring countless skills to the table so that more and more doctors choose to outsource tasks to them. If you are a physician or other healthcare provider, and see the importance of gaining back some valuable time, and/or gaining financial freedom, you should consider having a virtual assistant. Here are more ways you can benefit from outsourcing with a VA.

Promotes Productivity

With an extra hand to help you organize your calendar, schedule meetings, run personal errands, respond to emails and other administrative tasks, you can improve your productivity, working smarter, not harder.

Free Up Time and Gain Mental Wellness

You relieve yourself from the hassle of finishing all your tasks alone and having no time to unwind. Free time also means more time to do other things for your mental wellness and financial stability. It’s time to finally get started on those hobbies and side hustles you’ve been dreaming about! 

Saves you Money

If you want to get serious with that side hustle or business, you can save more money with a VA. The labor is cheaper, and you can accomplish more with their help. Additionally, a virtual assistant can work freelance, project-based, or full-time, so it is easier to negotiate and work with them.

Everyday Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

Everyday tasks contribute to the burden that doctors and working professionals have to carry each day. The good news is they are also a virtual assistant’s expertise. Here are everyday tasks you can easily delegate to your VA.

1. Schedule Management

Time management is essential regardless of your profession. However, working in a busy industry can make time management seem impossible on your own. 

With a virtual assistant to keep track of your schedule, you can be at ease knowing that it will automatically reflect on your well-organized calendar if something unexpected happens. You won’t have to worry about missed meetings and appointments with a VA who will manage your day for you. 

2. Making Calls and Appointments

There are VAs who specialize in working with physician offices. Checking on patients and making essential reminder calls is a hassle, especially if you are always put on hold. You waste more time than you think just by making calls and setting appointments. Get out of this tedious task and assign it to your virtual assistant.  Of course, your VA can also help you to make your personal appointments, too. Need an appointment for your annual eye exam? Need an appointment to get your car inspected?

They can make calls for you, confirm reservations, schedule plumbing and other household services, arrange vet visits and other personal errands. It saves you more time and prevents you from forgetting a necessary appointment.

3. Email Management

Opening hundreds of emails and responding to each one of them is very time-consuming. Outsource this task to your VA and ask them to relay a summary or only the relevant emails that need your response.

4. Patient Support

There are multiple ways to communicate with your patients, including creating your own professional presence on social media. You need to monitor your devices and accounts to present yourself to your patients/followers, and address any questions/comments. 

Your VA can help you with this, running social media campaigns for you, and letting you know when a response from you is needed. 

5. Bookkeeping, Data Entry, Managing Spreadsheets

Administrative tasks are one of the top robbers of time for doctors. Aside from the grueling work physicians do, administrative tasks add to this, making it hard for you to have time left for yourself. The good thing is that most VAs specialize in fulfilling administrative tasks, so you can easily assign these and focus on your core functions in the clinic or hospital.

Are VAs for Business Owners Only? Can Physicians Also Greatly Benefit from Them?

The common belief is that business owners are the only ones who need VAs. However, more and more professionals across several industries have discovered the benefits of outsourcing to virtual assistants. Gone are the days where VAs are exclusive to the corporate world.

Virtual assistants are flexible individuals who can work in all types of industries. Their primary purpose is to help free up the time of working professionals, regardless of profession or if they are an entrepreneur or not. Today, anyone who wants to free up their time, focus on core functions, or hates doing some of their tasks, can employ outsourcing to complete their duties.

So, yes, a VA is as beneficial to doctors like you as to other professionals who need an extra hand with the piling tasks on their plate.

In-Person Assistant or Virtual Assistant? Why VAs are Better

A virtual assistant and a traditional in-person assistant have their fair share of pros and cons. They are both beneficial in places where they are needed. However, with a virtual assistant, operations and hiring processes are more accessible and efficient than for in-person assistants. That is why they are more preferred.

VAs are better in terms of salary because their rates are largely cheaper. In terms of productivity, they can be hired in different time zones to function and keep the operations running 24/7. As for efficiency, they can do various tasks, and can be chosen for their specialized expertise. They offer flexibility since you can hire them part-time, project-based, or full time. Honestly, everything is just accessible with a virtual assistant or team of virtual assistants.

It is vital to keep in mind and assess what you need before deciding instantly. If you are looking for someone capable and undemanding to work with, hiring a VA may be a better fit for you than an in-person assistant.


Working long hours in the medical field can be exhausting. Thinking that as a doctor, you are expected to run full speed at work all day, finish strong, and go home to a mounting personal task list can feel overwhelming. 

That is why opportunities like outsourcing that can help you manage your time and work should be embraced. Outsourcing is within your reach, and you can do so much more with an extra hand to aid you with all of your tasks. 

Learning how to outsource is your first step towards financial freedom and healthy well-being. Do it only with proven and tested outsourcing classes available online like Outsource School Pro. It is inexpensive, accessible, and opens more opportunities for you to improve your operations, hire and retain the right team for you, and work on many other things. You’ll also find there an add-on service to help you hire the right VA. Yes, you can outsource that, too!

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