STAT: Quick Wins to Get Your Life Back

A virtual course designed for time-crunched physicians. Get the clarity you need to stop feeling overwhelmed and start living the life you want today.

✓ Invest in Yourself
✓ Reclaim Your Time

✓ Minimize Stress

Life is Too Short to Be Stretched So Thin

  • Endless EMRs.
  • An inbox filled with unopened emails.
  • A looming board recertification exam.
  • Another on-call weekend.
  • And you’re late for that family event. Again.

You Want More Time to Focus on What Matters Most to You

Reconnect With Your Values

Remind yourself why you chose a career in medicine. Then design a life path that aligns with those core values.

Restore Balance in Your Life

Learn to prioritize what matters most to YOU, then map your week accordingly.

Reframe Your Situation

Create healthy boundaries that empower you to say NO. Then seek out the YESes that will get you where you want to be.

You Need Practical Strategies that are Proven to Work

Physician coaching experts Gabriella Dennery, MD and Jill Farmer have been successfully coaching physicians like you through burnout, stress and overwhelm for years. They know what works!

“Keeps me focused on specific ways I want to make a difference in the world and become a leader”

LG — MD, PhD

“I’d gotten so used to overworking that being sick and tired felt normal. Not anymore!” 


“More helpful than years of therapy to gain clarity on creating the career and the life I want.” 

RD — PhD

“Practical wisdom, delivered with kindness and humor to get me unstuck.” 


“Helps me navigate the struggles, triumphs, and challenges of medicine with gentleness and grace.” 


Our Power-Packed Plan Fits Easily into Your Busy Day

Coaches Gabriella and Jill have taken all their best strategies and folded them into ONE efficient course.

You can easily practice these bite-sized strategies on your timeline — anytime, anywhere.

1: Achieve what really matters 

Aligning thoughts, goals and actions with your core values

2: Rx for Stress

Leaning into mindfulness and meditation for instant relief

3: The Procrastination Cure 

Piggybacking on habits to overcome procrastination

4: Be the Leader of your Life

It’s all about creating clear and healthy boundaries 

5: Create a Vision for Your Future

Mapping out the journey by looking backward from your destination

How It Works

1. Decide You Want Your Life Back

Giving yourself permission to prioritize yourself is the hardest step.

2. Start the Course Now

Watch and learn on your laptop tablet or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

3. Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Take Back Your Day and Own Your Future!

Three Bonuses:

Hacks to

Get Your Life Back


1. Map Your Week to Make More Time for YOU

Coach Jill Farmer lays out 6 Ridiculously Simple Steps to plan a better week, and create more time for the things that really matter to you.

2. Negotiate a Better Physician Contract

Employment Attorney James Barna advises what to look for (and what to avoid!) when negotiating a contract. Incorporate work-life balance into your contract.

3. Calm Your Mind in Minutes

Coach Gabriella Dennery, MD shares her simple, 5-minute mindfulness practice to reduce stress. A daily dose of peace and clarity.

A Sneak Peek From Your Coaches

Everything You Need to Prioritize Yourself and Get Your Life Back Now


5 Virtual Learning Modules

1. Achieving what really matters to you

2. Rx for Stress

3. The Procrastination Cure

4. Be the Leader of your Life

5. Create a Vision for Your Future

Full Suite of Supporting Resources

✔ videos
✔ step-by-step guides
✔ worksheets
✔ links to options for deeper exploration

3 Bonus Life Hacks

1. Contract Negotiation Video

2. Mindfulness in Minutes Video

3.Map Your Week PDF

On demand on your timeline, from your laptop, tablet or mobile device.


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