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When you invest in the health & wellness of your physicians, everyone in your medical organization benefits from better care…

Improve Performance

Retain Your Best Physicians

Foster a Thriving Culture

… and so does your bottom line.



Physicians want to work for organizations where they feel valued and supported.



Foster a thriving culture

for physicians.

Patients will follow providers

they know and trust. 



Happy physicians are more likely to stay for a career rather than a few months or years.

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Coaching Gives High Achievers The Edge to Perform at Their Best

Professional Coaching equips and empowers individuals to:

  • Achieve extraordinary success
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Transform their outlook on life

Elite athletes, award-winning actors, and top-performing executives all invest mightily in the right type of coaching. So do the world’s leading corporations, where coaching is encouraged for employees at every level.

These industries invest in coaching because it delivers the RESULTS they want. The outcomes are meaningful, measurable, and absolutely attainable.

The medical industry has been slow to embrace coaching as a transformational tool, but DocWorking is leading that transformation now, by helping your organization to offer Physician Coaching as an integrated benefit as part of the standard physician contract.

Physician Burnout Destroys Lives

and costs medical organizations millions 

of dollars in turnover/recruitment costs*

Physician Coaching Saves Lives

The right coaching empowers physicians to take better care of their mental and physical health, build stronger relationships, and improve personal performance

  • Our THRIVE Subscription Program is designed to provide coaching to all physicians in your organization as an employee benefit​
  • By normalizing physician coaching, all physicians have full access to ongoing coaching to help them reach their highest goals and increase your physician retention​
  • By increasing physician retention, your organization saves money, and saves lives​

DocWorking THRIVE is Your Organization’s


Life Coaching Tackles Burnout 

at its Source

Equip your physicians to minimize stress, build resilience, manage time, and navigate conflict.

Non-Clinical Skill Coaching

Develops Leaders

Build your top notch team by teaching physicians to lead, mentor, and support each other.

Financial Coaching Keeps

Docs Centered

Prepare your physicians to take charge of their finances, pay off student debt, build security and budget for rejuvenating experiences with family and friends.

DocWorking  THRIVE,

Your Physician Burnout Insurance at a Glance

We deliver coaching solutions on-site, off-site, virtually, or as a packaged benefit. 

Our physician coaching experts are here to address your medical organization’s specific challenges and support your ongoing needs.

We Are Your Team

Our THRIVE Coaching Subscription Program supports your in house physician wellness program.​

DocWorking THRIVE is designed to serve as an employee benefit for each and every physician on your team.​

Host a Keynote Presentation or Workshop

You choose the topic. We deliver the program virtually or at the location of your choice. Great for off-site team-building and in-house training options.

Customize a Solution to Meet Your Needs

We work with you to design a program that addresses the specific needs of your organization.

Burnout is the Problem. THE SOLUTION HAS ARRIVED.​


DocWorking makes it easy to protect your organization’s most valuable asset by providing physicians with the support they need to THRIVE 

Schedule a Call

We’ll bring a unique solution that works for your team.

We Deliver

We have the right coaching program for your physicians.

You Enjoy a Healthier Bottom Line

Congratulations! You’re ready to generate more revenue + decrease turnover costs.

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Get to know us at DocWorking:

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Get to know us at DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast!

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