How Retraining the Brain Can Eliminate Chronic Tinnitis and Lead to Personal Transformation with Peter Studenik

by Jen Barna MD | Podcast

How does eliminating chronic tinnitus relate to eliminating chronic pain and anxiety, using neuroplasticity to retrain the brain, and learning effective ways to process emotions and stress? 

What are the six steps you can apply to transform your life? 

Author Peter Studenik discusses his life transforming experience, conquering fear and overcoming debilitating chronic tinnitus. The conversation starts with Peter telling the story of how his symptoms began, how he spent years seeing doctor after doctor, to no avail. 

Peter shares his personal journey, and walks us through the steps he took to eliminate tinnitus completely, and reorganize his life for long term success. He discusses the challenges he faced, and the specific methods using neuroplasticity of the brain to create new neurological pathways, an approach that can also be used to conquer many forms of chronic pain and anxiety. We discuss how the method he created to cure chronic tinnitus may be extrapolated to eliminate chronic pain and chronic anxiety. 

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“Tinnitus is a neurological problem that can be fixed.”

-Peter Studenik, Author

I cured my Tinnitus: My Journey from Tinnitus, to Life Transformation, to True Healing

More about author Peter Studenik:

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