Ways To Stress Less Over The Holidays

by Jen Barna MD | Podcast

This episode is full of ways to stress less over the holidays with Jen Barna, MD and Jill Farmer.


“And so what I play with a lot with my physician clients is you’re really good at being highly capable people who handle challenging and complicated things. But in this setting, can we shift, gear down to something that’s more simple, that’s more in line with your views, and then it gives you more time to be and to rest and to use this season, the cozier, darker season of this holiday, to slow down and to have a little more presence and comfort for yourself instead of frenzied running around.”
– Jill Farmer

Jen and I want to talk about something that’s pretty timely, and that’s holiday stress. When we were having a recent conversation on this very subject, we realized that it’s one of those things that’s universal for a lot of us, no matter what stage or season of life you’re in. The holidays, particularly that period between Thanksgiving and the new year, can be really pressurizing for people, so we wanted to talk to you about some ideas of things that may help you reframe some of the stress and help you feel a little more peaceful and connected to what matters most to you this season.

This time of year can often be about everyone else’s expectations, so it’s really important to set the right intentions for ourselves. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make everything perfect for our families and friends, but we have to stay connected to our own values. If you notice yourself feeling under pressure, take time out to sit down and ask yourself what truly matters. Many of us also feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done, as there are so many extra tasks this time of year. The truth is, the same amount of time in a day exists during the holiday season as it does on normal days, so it helps to take a moment to reframe and set realistic expectations.

Another way we can get a bit triggered is when we’re around extended family that we maybe don’t see that often. It’s easy to regress back into old patterns from childhood and outdated ways of thinking. One of the best ways to plan ahead is to set healthy boundaries, whether that looks like avoiding discussion of certain topics or making a commitment to only spend a certain amount of time around particular family members so you can stay present. Practicing these skills not only helps us enjoy the holidays with loved ones but can also benefit our communications outside of the home in our professional lives.

What’s Inside:

  • How to handle the holiday seasons with ease and reduce stress.
  • How to deal with time pressure and trying to manage extra holiday tasks.
  • The importance of reframing and boundary setting around holiday gatherings.

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