59: A Brain Surgeon Talks Fatherhood with Dr. Michael Webb

by Coach Jill Farmer | Physician Coaching, Podcast, Work Life Balance

“It’s easy to let pressing matters get in the forefront without sort of thinking, ‘Hey is this something that’s being put on me by something else, or is this really something that I want to do?’ And you have to sometimes be selfish about saying, ‘Look, this is important to me and I’m going to do this.’ You know, ‘I’m going to do it right now.’” -Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Webb

In today’s episode, Jill talks with Neurosurgeon and father, Dr. Michael Webb. Dr. Webb is a proud father and in this conversation we find out how he balances his life to make time for medicine and family. We hear how, since residency, he has had a regular schedule of coming home from work and spending time with his son, which he continues to do to this day. He talks about looking forward and realizing that things that might not mean that much today may have a big impact over the course of five to ten years. Tune in to hear a loving father tell about how he manages work/life balance. 

Dr. Webb went to medical school at Loyola University Chicago. He completed his residency in neurosurgery at University of Virginia and his fellowship in spine surgery at Barrow Neurological Institute. You can find him currently at NeuroTexas.


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Podcast produced by: Amanda Taran

Jill Farmer is an experienced physician coach who has been helping doctors live their best lives, increase their success, and move through burnout for well over a decade.

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