“So one thing I would invest in, and this is a tip that I would give to any entrepreneur, especially if you have multiple things going on: Get an assistant.” -Dr. Saira Ahmed


Tune in to today’s episode on real estate investing with Dr. Saira Ahmed. Jen sits down with Dr. Ahmed to discuss how she got started in real estate investing, how she purchased her first properties, what tips and tricks she has learned along the way and how she plans to keep growing her real estate portfolio. If you’ve been interested in getting started in real estate investing, this is the episode for you! 


Dr. Ahmed manages a busy practice, Mediversity, she also has a real estate business, a school that trains people to become phlebotomists, Premier Health Academy, an e-commerce business selling scrubs and other medical accessories, A Plus Medical Scrubs, and she and her husband run a non-profit organization through which they do multiple community service projects throughout the year. 


Dr. Ahmed went to New York Institute of Technology for her undergraduate degree. Attended Ross University School of Medicine for Medical School and did her residency at Seton Hall University Internal Medicine Residency Program. Her current affiliations are Jefferson Health System and Salem Memorial Medical Center. You can find her on instagram.


Useful links to things mentioned in the show: Bigger Pockets, real estate investing community and advice. Book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!


Excerpts from the show:


“So tell me about how you got into the real estate niche and about your experiences.” -Dr. Jen Barna


“Sure, so I kind of already knew about real estate because my parents owned real estate. They owned rentals. Just seeing my parents, well, just to give you some background, my father passed away around five years ago but before that, ten years ago he was actually diagnosed with head and neck cancer and he had to retire immediately, and my mom was a beautician who used to work in a beauty salon and she had to quit her job to take care of my dad. So they found themselves without jobs kind of instantly when all this went down and I think the only thing that saved them was their real estate and that was a real life example that I saw in my life. They were able to do what they needed to do and live, and not have to worry financially because of the real estate they owned.” -Dr. Saira Ahmed

“We basically just started small. At the time we lived in a townhouse. I said, ‘Well the first thing is, let’s pay this townhouse off and let’s rent it out, (then) let’s buy a house and let’s rent it out.’ So that was the first thing we did. Then once we got into our house we started to look for deals. I just did it on my own. Honestly, just going through Zillow and Auction.com, finding auctions in my town, just locally anything that was on foreclosure. Just evaluating the deals myself and discussing it with my husband and that’s basically how we got started. So just one after the other.” -Dr. Saira Ahmed

“Real estate is the one investment that is solid. Honestly, it’s a long-term thing. In a way all these other businesses that we started were kind of started to help support our real estate so that we could invest more eventually. And I think that the goal is to continue building the portfolio. I mean, no projects are perfect. We bought a project and there was something wrong that we didn’t realize was wrong before we bought it, and it turns out our budget needed to be bigger to fix that issue. But I think, so far, every project has paid us back.” -Dr Saira Ahmed

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