One Doctor’s Epic Journey of Medical Discover‪y‬

by Jen Barna MD | Life Journey, Physician Coaching, Podcast, Resilience

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“I mean at one point, I was literally in a minus 20 degree freezer trying to mill ice to make it injectable and it still didn’t work. But the key thing is not to give up. If you really want to do it just keep going. Keep talking to people, keep trouble shooting, keep prototyping until you find it.”  – Dr. Lilit Garibyan, MD PhD, Harvard Medical School

Join co-lead Coach Jill Farmer as she sits down with Dr. Lilit Garibyan to discuss her amazing journey of medical discovery. Learn how her curiosity and passion have led to a medical device that could revolutionize medicine and how the steps she took could work for you, too. Dr. Garibyan’s background was in immunology and dermatology when she made the decision to pivot to the study of nerves in order to pursue a research idea that came unexpectedly. During her dermatology residency she was inspired by a lecture she attended given by Dr. Rox Anderson when he was explaining his procedure called CoolSculpting. She was intrigued when she heard that a reversible side effect of the treatment was numbness in the treated area for six to eight weeks after treatment. Could Dr. Garibyan’s research inspired by attending a single lecture solve severe skin pain and itch, as well as deeper nerve pain for 6-8 weeks at a time for patients, and even potentially help cure certain types of sleep apnea? Thus began her journey, tune in to hear the amazing discoveries that have happened as an outcome of her curiosity and perseverance.

Dr. Garibyan is a  board certified dermatologist who specializes in medical, surgical and cosmetic/laser dermatology. She is also a lecturer in dermatology at Harvard Medical School where she conducts cutting-edge and innovative research in dermatology.

She is the co-founder of the Magic Wand Initiative at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr. Garibyan can be reached at [email protected]

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