Real Life in Physician Private Practice: Is This For You?

by Jen Barna MD | Physician Job Change, Podcast, Work Life Balance


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“I would want them to address the blind spot of understanding their market, number one. But even before understanding your market, understanding themselves, understanding what they want to do. What is their goal? What are their wants and desires?” -Dr. Jude Pierre

In this episode, Gabriella Dennery MD sits down to discuss the pros and cons of private practice with Dr. Jude Pierre. They discuss the different aspects of private practice. Everything you need to consider, from what type of medicine you will practice and where you will practice to the financial aspects of private practice and what you need to know about insurance providers. Plus, find out what it takes to become a successful private practitioner in today’s landscape and the things he wishes he had known in medical school and what he knows now that they don’t teach you in school.

Dr. Jude Pierre runs a successful and thriving Internal Medicine practice in Tampa Florida.

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