Physician Finances: Your Money and Your Values with ESG Investing

by Coach Gabriella Dennery MD, Money and Finance, Podcast

DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast

Episode Description

In this episode, Lead Coach Gabriella Dennery MD sits down with Andrew Friedman of AJF Financial to talk investing and financial planning, particularly using ESG investing. In this episode we discuss that investing can change our lives, and it also has the ability to positively change the world for us and for future generations. Andrew explains ESG investing and how we can use our investments as a way of expressing who we are and what we want to be in the world.

DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast is proud to recognize AJF Financial as a sponsor. We recommend AJF Financial based on a successful investing relationship spanning more than 10 years.

Andrew Friedman is a Certified Sustainable Investment Professional, Certified Financial Planner, a member of the Financial Planning Association and a Registered Investment Advisor.

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