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Resilience: Bounce Back From 2020

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Tuesday, January 19 

7pm EST (6pm CST / 5 pm MST / 4pm PST) 

Jill Farmer, Master Coach

Time & Stress Management Specialist

Gabriella Dennery, MD OMD

Life Coach

Build Resilience to Move Forward in 2021


The word RESILIENCE has permeated our pandemic vernacular along with social distance, quarantine and the new normal

But what exactly is resilience? And how does one build it? 

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  • Learn practical tactics to strengthen your resilience.
  • Explore how to shift patterns that sabotage your resilience.
  • Better understand your emotions and how to manage them.

Jill Farmer and Gabriella Dennery, MD, will coach you to feed resilience rather than to force it, allowing you to move forward and adapt, accepting that you can never go back.

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Who are we and why do we care?

Jennifer Barna, MD

Founder, DocWorking

Hi, I’m Jen, founder of DocWorking. 

As a board-certified, practicing physician, a mother, wife and passionate entrepreneur, I’ve spent years seeking the right resources to forge my own path to fulfillment. DocWorking brings together everything I wished I’d had along the way. I can’t wait to share these expert guides and practical resources with you! 

Meet Your Physician-Focused Coaches

Jill Farmer, Master Coach

Time & Stress Management Specialist

Once upon a time, Master-Certified Coach Jill Farmer was an Emmy Award-winning TV news anchor and journalist whose life was a never-ending hamster wheel of stress. She left the fast-paced world of TV journalism at the height of her career to prioritize her family… and she lived happily ever after. 

Well, not exactly. 

Jill is a go-go-go-getter by nature, so she quickly transferred all of that energy into building and leading charitable organizations, which put her right back on the hamster wheel of stress.

Why does this keep happening to me? she wondered. So, she followed her journalistic curiosity to dig deep into the mechanisms of stress, workaholism, and busyness, which led to master certification as a time and stress management coach.

Jill wrote the book on coaching crazy-busy professionals. Literally. It’s called There’s Not Enough Time…and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, which debuted as a bestseller on Amazon. Her work has been featured everywhere from Inc. to Fitness Magazine to The Washington Post’s Timehacker series on time management.

Nationally recognized as a “brilliant time optimizer and life maximizer,” Jill parlayed her dynamic TV personality into coaching, captivating audiences at the American Academy of Cardiology and Harvard Medical School among others. Her workshop attendees consistently report “profound shifts” in thinking that transform the way they work and spend their time.

Trust the thousands of busy professionals Jill has successfully coached: She will cut straight to the heart of your stress to liberate you from its shackles.

Expect to walk away with real tools and a fresh mindset to: 

  • Accomplish more of what matters in less time. 
  • Stop hurting your body with destructive stress. 
  • Get your brain working for you, not against you.

Gabriella Dennery, MD OMD

Life Coach

Life Coach Gabriella Dennery, MD OMD is passionate about helping busy physicians rediscover the joy of their calling. She draws on her training as a physician, a musician, and an ordained non-denominational minister in addition to health & wellness and life coaching to offer professionals from all walks of life the benefit of her broad experience and deep insights.

The daughter of a psychiatrist mother and a neurosurgeon father, both from Haiti, Gabriella and her five siblings were expected to choose from five noble callings: Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, or Agronomy (caring for the delicate soil of Haiti).  

Gabriella, an innately gifted healer and teacher, chose Medicine and graduated with honors from Howard University College of Medicine, “The Mecca.” Following her residency in internal medicine at Duke University Medical Center, Gabriella moved to New York City to serve as an attending physician and clinical instructor in Harlem and later as medical director and attending physician at SUNY Downstate Bedford-Stuyvesant satellite clinic in Brooklyn.  

Her greatest joy as a primary care physician was supporting her patients, shepherding them to Aha moments, and nurturing positive shifts in perspective that measurably improved their health and wellbeing–a strength that makes Gabriella so effective as a coach. 

It was the administrative grind that burned Gabriella out as a physician and inspired her to explore the integration of medicine, music, and ministry to promote better health. She maintains her work-life balance by playing percussion and violin, composing music, and enjoying a very fun and fulfilling marriage.

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